Wonder Legal Contrato De Compraventa

This contract may only be modified by a written agreement signed by the parties, provided that such modifications are made before the transfer of physical and formal possession of the object of this contract to the BUYER. The seller is obliged to provide the buyer with a series of information before the conclusion of the contract, which will enable him to know the essential characteristics of the goods before concluding the contract. These obligations are reinforced in the case of contracts between a trader (professional seller selling or distributing goods) and an individual (person wishing to purchase the goods for his personal use). These contracts are, for example, contracts between a car dealer or bicycle dealer and a customer who uses these goods for activities other than those to which he is professionally engaged. In this case, the contract would be subject to specific consumer protection rules in order to persuade consumers to give their informed consent. The contract for the sale of real estate is a contract by which the seller is obliged to transfer ownership of a property in exchange for a certain amount of money (price) that must be paid by the buyer. In all matters relating to the interpretation and performance of the obligations arising from this contract, the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the courts, which, according to the law, must know the matter by reason of the place where the contract is signed, and to waive their own jurisdiction, if this applies to them and is reasonable due to the place of residence. Neighborhood or by another nature. IV. The SELLER also declares that these goods (object of this contract) have the following characteristics: This document can be used for sales between individuals, between professionals and between individuals and professionals. It can be used both for the sale of movable property (e.g. clock, furniture) and for the sale of real estate (e.g. house, parking lot).

In the second case, however, the contract can only be proved by an authentic instrument, to which this document can be submitted once formalized. In addition, it is possible to set other conditions that may be important depending on the object of the sale and the signatories of the contract, such as the sale of the goods with or without warranty, the place and date of delivery of the goods to the buyer, and the manner in which he makes the payment or, where applicable, payments to the seller. or if the contract is registered in the public register, etc. THE PARTIES acknowledge and agree that this Agreement and its modifications constitute a complete agreement between them, so that from the moment of its signature, they terminate any prior agreement or negotiation, the provisions of this Instrument prevail over any other contract or agreement. THE PARTIES declare that there are no errors, fraud, violence or bad faith in the conclusion of this contract that could invalidate it. The SELLER is responsible for any legal situation prior to the date of sale and relating to the property subject to this contract. In general, the contract of sale is governed by Title IV of the Civil Code, namely Articles 1445 et seq. thereof. This model is used to formalize the sale of all types of property in a private document. However, if the object of the sale is a vehicle and both the seller and the buyer are natural persons (i.e. persons acting for purposes unrelated to their trade, business or profession), the contract of sale of the vehicle must be used between private individuals, a document that is more suitable for this case. Any communication or communication between THE PARTIES regarding the subject matter of this Agreement must be made in writing to the address provided by them.

THE PARTIES agree that this Agreement is private and will therefore refrain from disclosing or making public its contents to third parties, nor from disclosing, disclosing or misusing the data provided by THE PARTIES for the conclusion of the Agreement, however, all rights and obligations of the PARTIES shall prevail and therefore any legal action arising therefrom may be exercised in accordance with the law. THE PARTIES may not transfer the rights and obligations arising from this Agreement to third parties. If, on the other hand, the object of the contract is the provision of a service, the contract for the provision of services must be used and, in the case of the execution of a work, the hiring of works. On the other hand, if the only thing you want is the reservation of the property that leaves the formalization of your purchase for the future, you must make the corresponding promise to purchase in the case of movable property (e.g. a watch, a piece of furniture) or the contract for the deposit of a fine in the case of real estate (e.g. a house, parking). Finally, if you only want to grant the option to purchase a product (i.e. give priority to a potential buyer to purchase the goods in the future), you must sign the appropriate purchase option agreement. In addition, contracts for the forward sale of movable property, when the buyer is an individual and payment is deferred for more than three months, must be formalized in writing to be valid.

b. Receive the goods, subject of this contract, in physical and / or mechanical conditions. b. If the property has hidden defects that have not been communicated and that you have expressly accepted, through this contract. c. If the SELLER does not deliver the goods on the date and place specified in this contract. It is important to mention that in each purchase contract, the seller is obliged to deliver the good (in this case a good) and the renovation of the good (including the return of the price paid by him to the buyer) if the object has hidden defects or if the seller does not have sufficient rights to the good, to be able to sell them. The buyer, for his part, is obliged to receive the goods and pay the price in the specified manner. Indicate here whether the item(s) to be sold with this sales contract are one or more movable property (e.g. cars, office furniture, equipment, computers, etc.) or real estate (e.g. house, apartment, land, etc.). In general, real estate consists of the ground and the buildings attached to it; Unlike movable property, which can be moved from one place to another without any damage.

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