Personal Essay Law School Examples

You should be able to articulate the reasons why a particular school interests you. Does the school have a good reputation in your area of expertise (e.g. public interest law, constitutional law, intellectual property law)? Is there a faculty member you would like to research with? Is there a student organization on campus that can benefit from your expertise and leadership? Finally, a solid set of legal essays shows that you don`t just go to law school by default. Unlike medical school, for example, law school has no basic requirements, making it a common opportunity for many students who don`t know what to do next, but want to pursue a prestigious career. By providing specificity, passion and context to your application, you can assure programs that you can make the most of these three years and that you will represent them well as an alumni. The author of this personal statement registered in Georgetown. Their GPA was below the school`s 25th percentile and their LSAT score was above the 75th percentile. It was not a URM. Through it all, only theatre has brought me joy into my life.

I participated in almost every show my high school performs, and during my senior year I auditioned at a theater conservatory with the dream of becoming an actress on Broadway. The day I received my rejection letter, I completely changed my plans and submitted my deposit to the University of Washington, which is located in the city where I was born. The right law school for me will advance my purpose in my life, and I hope it will cause a domino effect in the lives of others. The events that have happened to me, for better or worse, have made me the person I am today and the lawyer I want to become. For me, this profession means helping others, but it`s also about giving back to my community and the people who have supported me to become the best possible version of myself. After I finished my oral presentation, Professor Jones asked me to approach his office. He recognized me as the only student who got a perfect overall grade in his course while emptying his wallet. He inquired about my plans for university or law school and was shocked that I had not yet chosen a major. Because of my proven potential, he encouraged me to pursue a major in criminal justice, which would put me on the path to college or law school. While competition for a top-tier law school has become tougher, students in these programs have less collective debt than their peers at lower-tier schools.

A strong personal statement is an important way to get you into the top 5, 10, or 14 programs beyond your scores, giving you not only a chance to get a top-notch education with less debt, but also a thriving career in the following years. Your personal statement can show that you are not only a rigorous and clear thinker, but also a flawless writer, so make sure you don`t leave typos to an eagle-eyed admissions committee. What we can learn from Michael`s personal statement: In September of my senior year of school, I wrote down my goal for the upcoming track and field season. I wanted to be section champion in the 400 metres. This goal was a bit unrealistic for me. Sectionals was a competitive meeting that took place in May, and even though I had plenty of time to practice, I had to save about a second of my current time just to get into the race (let alone win it). In athletics, a second is an eternity. In high school, I did everything I could to challenge the “nerd” image I had cultivated after eight years in the city`s magnetic elementary and secondary schools. I threw parties, dropped out of school early (i.e. if I even bothered to show up), and continued to abuse drugs.

When I was 16, my parents finally divorced. I was relieved by the cessation of hostilities, but I also took steps to do so when my parents competed to see who could create a more permissive environment, as custody would affect the sharing of wealth. Soon after, I dropped out of high school for excessive absenteeism and subsequently received my GED while turning to harder drugs. I worked as a dishwasher, then as a bus boy and finally a waitress when the financial support of my disappointed and disgruntled mother dissipated. Overcoming adversity is a common theme in personal statements for all disciplines, but with law school personal statements, students are often able to take advantage of unique dramatic, difficult, and decisive experiences that involved interaction with the law. It can be difficult to discuss such emotionally heavy experiences in a short letter, but as this personal statement shows, with care and focus, it is possible to sincerely show how your early struggles paved the way for you to become the person you are now. It`s important to avoid sensationalism, but you shouldn`t hesitate to open up to your readers about the negative experiences that ultimately led you in a positive direction. When I was thirteen, I stood up at the table and announced that I wanted to be a lawyer.

My family applauded my decision, and since then, I`ve heard the same comparisons to Elle Woods that countless other girls have been submitted since the movie Legally Blonde was first released in theaters. At first, I was annoyed by these allusions – I didn`t want to be compared to the heroine of the film, and I had a hard time missing the many mistakes of her character. However, when I entered university and began to look away from the superficial aspects of cinema, I took a liking to Ms. Woods. She sought opportunities that seemed out of her reach; She was smart and determined while keeping her cool under pressure. I began to realize that when my life was compared to Legally Blonde, it was more than just a contrast between girls before legal motherhood: it was a positive reflection of my personality and dynamism. By the time I graduated from high school, I had learned the legal basis for my father`s incarceration. He came here legally as a teenager and overran his visa, so he had a deportation order. Twenty years later, the order remained, and so, at thirteen, I saw two ICE officers handcuff him and take him to a detention center in a van at five o`clock in the morning. I was confused that the United States.