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Binding commitment. This Agreement has been duly executed and delivered by that party, and this Agreement is the legal and binding obligation of that party, enforceable against that party under its terms, unless limited by an independent attorney who helps others overcome the work of overflow by assisting with legal research, legal creation, discovery, litigation and client relations assistance. National Directory of Law Societies and Legal Resources for Consumers At, we pride ourselves on being the leading source of free legal information and resources on the Internet. Contact us. 1. Termination of Alta Agreements. Upon payment to each purchaser by wire transfer to each purchaser`s account specified in Schedule A (i) an amount equal to the principal outstanding under its respective debenture plus accrued and unpaid interest as at March 30, 2007, plus daily interest of $12,408.75 thereafter to the date of payment (i.e. Payment of the consideration to the purchasers constitutes (i) full payment of all obligations of Holdings I and the Company under the Debentures, Warrants and all other agreements of Alta, and (ii) redemption of all Debentures and redemption of all Warrants. Payment of the payment amount will be made immediately upon completion of the merger and private equity investment (and in no event has the Company sent outgoing discounts with the payment amount to the buyers).

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, neither Holdings I nor the Company, nor any of their respective subsidiaries, shall be required to complete the private equity investment, merger, conversion of the Company or, if the private equity investment has not been completed, payment of the amount of the payment. If the risk capital investment is not made before April 15, 2007, (i) this sentence, Article 5, Article 8 (except clause (ii) and the last sentence of Article 8), Article 9, Article 11 and Article 12 shall remain in full force and effect, and (ii) the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall automatically terminate without any action by either Party. Free and reliable legal information for consumers and legal professionals Contrary to popular belief, it is not illegal for creditors to enter into such agreements; However, there are cases where this may be against the law (for example, if such an agreement would deceive another person). Therefore, borrowers need to understand what happens if the agreed payments are no longer received when this agreement is reached with creditors. I advise clients in the fields of business, brands, real estate, employment law and finance. My overall goal is to bring together creative people and businesses to help them make informed legal and business decisions. I was fortunate to build a growing 21st century law firm with an amazing staff by my side. Our goal is not only to provide invaluable legal information, but also to create a better overall customer experience. We offer our customers unique subscription pricing and flat rate options that provide transparency and billing value to all of our wonderful customers. Focus: contract drafting, negotiations, research, trademark law, entertainment, business development, company selection; Company: Manager, team builder, leader, motivator. Conferences: National Business Institute (NBI) – “Business Contracts 101” The FindLaw Legal Dictionary – free access to over 8260 definitions of legal terms. Search for a definition or browse our legal glossaries.

Are you a lawyer? Visit our professional website » The #1 Spanish legal website for consumers 4. Survival. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, (i) the representations and warranties in Article IV of the Securities Purchase Agreement, (ii) Articles XVII and XIX of the Securities Purchase Agreement; provided, however, that clause (a) of the second paragraph of Article XVII shall not apply from the date of this Agreement and (iii) that Buyers` representations and warranties in the Warranty Agreement, each with definitions thereof, survive termination of such agreements. 12. Governing Law. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Delaware. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Agreement shall be entered into and concluded on the earlier date indicated above. Holdings I, LBI Media, Inc.

and Buyers intend to terminate any Alta Subordination Agreement to which they are a party or 91 days after payment of the Payout amount (as defined below) to Buyers, as set forth in Section 3 of this Agreement. I have practiced immigration, bankruptcy, foreclosure, civil litigation and estate planning for the past 22 years. I am interested in reducing myself to a more achievable timetable to allow for the pursuit of other interests. Lawyers with experience working on payment arrangements work with clients to assist them. Need help with a withdrawal agreement? Experienced lawyer in the field of sports and entertainment. I specialize in contracts, business start-ups, licensing, wage disputes, negotiations and intellectual property. CONSIDERING that the investments that I, the buyers, Lenard Liberman and Jose Liberman and the Liberman Trust dated 7. November 2002 is a party to this Special Voting and Co-Sale Agreement dated March 20, 2001, as amended, no later than the date of this Agreement (as amended, the “Voting Agreement”; together with the Securities Purchase Agreement, the Notes, the Warrant Agreement, the Warrants, instructions, cover letters and documents filed, “Alta agreements”); Taking into account the foregoing recitals and other valid considerations, which are acknowledged as follows, the parties agree as follows: Your current balance may not reflect the amount you will actually have to pay to fully repay the loan. The amount of your repayment also includes the payment of interest that you owe until the day you want to repay your loan. The withdrawal amount may also include other fees you have incurred that you have not yet paid. Source: Merriam-Webster`s Dictionary of Law ©, 1996.

Licensed with Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. All lawyers are approved by our team and reviewed by our clients so you can explore them before you hire them. 11. Counterparties; Facsimile signatures. This Agreement may be signed in an unlimited number of copies, each of which must be an original, but which together form an instrument. Signatures sent by fax or pdf file are considered originals. 9. Amendment to Securities Purchase Agreement. Holdings I, the Company and each purchaser hereby agree that the Securities Purchase Agreement will be amended as of the date of this announcement by replacing the reference to the phrase “(the “Company”)” in the first paragraph of the Securities Purchase Agreement with the phrase “(with its successors, the “Company”)”.