Ok Furniture Legal Department

The Company acknowledges a complaint as an expression of the dissatisfaction of a Client or a potential Client of the Company who has a direct interest in an insurance policy with the Company and such dissatisfaction relates to any alleged unfair treatment of the Client, the Company`s failure to comply with the Agreement, or any legal or contractual obligation or mismanagement. intentional or negligent action of society. We went to OK Möbel Meyerton to buy a fridge on Sunday 07Nov21 * Staff offered no help at all * didn`t help even when we asked for help * we asked if there was availability for the product we wanted and just go a “no” * we asked if they could help and had a “Do you want to buy it” snot * The radio was so loud, that they couldn`t hear us when they were talking 1 meter away from each other Unfortunately we had no choice but to buy the product there as our fridge stopped working the day before and they were the closest to home who could deliver the same day. I will never recommend OK Möbel Meyerton and will tell everyone about the terrible customer service. These employees should not represent a company that deals with customers on a daily basis. I bought the Hisense 14kg double tub in August, it was lay-by, I finish paying in October. I told them I wanted to pick it up in Giyani because I bought the washing machine at OK Tembisa Mall. When I go to Giyani OK, they don`t give me my machine, they say there is no stock. And the problem is the person who helped me change my machine to 16kg when I bought 14kg, so they refuse to give me because they recorded 14kg in my papers and 16kg in their system. So they say I have to wait 16kg and that I am tired of waiting please help complaints received from OK Furniture or House and Home Stores staff must be recorded in writing and forwarded to agschoultz@shoprite.co.za where they are reviewed by a company manager and have extensive experience in handling customer complaints. Complaints are registered and classified into the appropriate categories. The company aims for policyholder satisfaction and customer confidence in its insurance products.

Therefore, the company adopts this policy to address all forms of subscriber dissatisfaction. I store@Oudtshoorn bought a freezer at OK Funiture last year in December 2022 and I paid cash, in June 2022 my wife reported that the inside of the freezer was the silver leaf part full of small bumps/holes. They send a technician from the manufacturer, which is a very well-known brand that I think every household has at home. This technician reported that we were negligent in throwing sharp objects into the freezer that caused the damage. I am now struggling to fix it and it was an old freezer that the store had on its floor and they gave to us. I am really not satisfied with the treatment we have received as customers. We are always on the court and but they call you from the street to come and buy. I will never buy them anything again.

The complaint handling process is posted in all retail stores and on the House and Home and OK Furniture websites. This process must be done in clear and clear language so that it is easy to understand. I bought a fridge last month 06 May 2022 But I get it back on Saturday 07 May 2022 because they refuse to give me my fridge the same day because I had my own means of transport. So, lately, I`ve noticed something. When I close the freezer door, the door does not close properly, I have to use my strength, but the other door works well. Now it`s either they fix the door or I get another fridge finish. – identification of the causes of common categories of complaints; – identification of weaknesses in control systems; – Recognize poor performance, shortcomings or faults; – Monitor the progress or delivery of the company “Treat customers fairly” and – Make significant improvements for policyholders and the company`s operations. I bought a TV at OK Furniture Shop in Pietermartzburg and I made a mistake, not checking if the TV was in good condition, the TV was signed in my absence by the saleswoman with my signature. I found out at home that it was not in good condition, and when I complained to the store, they told me they would not give me a new TV because my signatures prove that I was looking for the TV that I did not check it.

I bought one bed and one lounge suite in cash out of 13. September at pickup the bed is there, they said I had to come back in October, the wait makes me angry because I paid cash when I was told before buying that I would change stores. Hello For whom this affects: I Jessica Van wyk bought a washing machine at Ok Furniture Kroonstad on September 17, 2021. Today is October 13, 2021 and I still don`t have a machine, no one comes back to me regarding the machine, I really mean almost a month and I`m still waiting I spoke to Tsephang, he was very rude and wondered who paid for the machine, is my money and it has nothing to do with him, Who paid, he is not my husband, nor my father, nor a member of my family to ask me these questions. I am very, very unhappy with this and will also send an email to Hi Peter. I paid cash for the machine and paid delivery fee because my laundry hasn`t been washed for 3 weeks, it`s totally unacceptable. This is not the first time I have complained about this branch, the staff is very rude, so can someone help me, I want my machine.