Mishcon De Reya Legal Apprenticeships

We are involved in some of the most well-known and groundbreaking cases in the industry. The wide range of issues we handle means we have a vast client base, giving you the opportunity to work on some of the most complex, challenging and exciting legal issues. The first step in the process is the application form. This is an opportunity for you to tell us about yourself and what sets you apart as a candidate. We will ask you for details of your training; Your work experience and all other hobbies, interests, qualifications and achievements. Don`t worry if you don`t have legal work experience, we are looking for experience where you have gained transferable skills suitable for a lawyer. The last section contains longer questions about why you are interested in becoming a lawyer. why you chose Reya`s Mishcon; and why you want to qualify through the training path. Our legal operations teams provide critical support to royalty recipients on a daily basis. If you have excellent legal support and administrative skills, are looking for a challenging role working with the best lawyers, and have a cool head under pressure, then Mishcon de Reya might be the firm for you. Do you have a question about our non-legal learning or application process? You can find the answer here.

This is an opportunity for you to tell us about yourself and what sets you apart as a candidate. In addition to academic information and professional experience, we will ask you questions about your interest in becoming a lawyer and why Mishcon de Reya is your law firm of choice. Don`t worry if you don`t have legal work experience, we are looking for experience where you have gained transferable skills suitable for a lawyer. Before applying, visit the office during our open house. This evening is a great opportunity for you to hear from some of our current articling students and for you, your parents and caregivers to understand how training works in a law firm. Plus, it`s a deeper insight into life as a Mishcon de Reya lawyer and a great way to learn how to stand out in your application. Places are limited, so apply quickly via the link below. Mishcon de Reya is an independent law firm with over 1000 employees. They are looking for people who can adapt to changes in the legal, social and political fields.

After each step of our application process, you will be contacted by email to update you on your progress. If you have any further questions, please contact us at early.careers@mishcon.com. At Mishcon de Reya, our junior lawyers are the future of our business. The future of the law is unpredictable – the coming years will not be like previous years. So we need shapers. We need courageous individuals who can adapt to seismic changes in the legal, social and political spheres. We need creative thinkers who can revolutionize the way we work. Although Mishcon de Reya is a law firm, almost half of the staff is made up of non-lawyers and we offer apprenticeships in key support roles such as digital marketing, finance, human resources, IT, data science and sustainability. Applications are now closed.

I chose Mishcon de Reya because no other law firm in the city has the level of excellence in the areas of law that interest me. Its position in the market, its progressive approach to technological and societal changes and its success in developing its lawyers make it the ideal place to start my legal career. Our paralegals play an important role in supporting our qualified lawyers and, in turn, acquire great importance and a wide range of responsibilities. Whether you are a professional paralegal or an aspiring lawyer, you will work with leading lawyers on exciting cases in a variety of fields. Kasaneel McEwan: Joining Mishcon de Reya as a non-legal intern opened my eyes to all aspects of working in a law firm. The support here is second to none and my team is helpful and patient when working with me on tasks that are new to me. It was great to learn and adapt to my new responsibilities and to have more control over my work. I can`t wait to see the person I will become after completing this training Mishcon de Reya offers a hectic environment supported by quality work, while truly enjoying the role of an intern. Colleagues cultivate a culture of development that gives interns a high degree of responsibility and encouragement to think creatively. Personal development is at the center of the training program which, in addition to a non-legal learning program of the Academy, also offers excellent legal education. Our legal teams are dynamic, constantly expanding and considered among the best in their field. Each year, we recruit a number of partners, qualified lawyers and articling students to strengthen these teams and ensure that we are always in the best position to meet the legal needs of our clients.

We work with many external equality, diversity and inclusion partners to provide legal work experience and articling opportunities across the firm. We are looking for designers in our company, lawyers and businessmen: courageous people who can adapt to seismic changes in the legal, social and political fields. We need creative thinkers who can revolutionize the way we work. Does that sound like you? All your tuition fees and course materials will be paid. If you have a general recruitment request, please contact our Young Careers team. Please note that due to online security policies and to protect the privacy of all students, photos and screenshots cannot be taken during the session. If you would like to share your experience on LinkedIn or other social channels, we will share photos of the event in a follow-up email and you are welcome to use and share them. © Artwork by John Hoyland.

All rights reserved, DACS 2022 The Mishcon Solicitor Apprenticeship is a six-year Level 7 program at the end of which you are eligible as a lawyer. All your tuition is paid and you earn a salary while studying for your studies, completing an apprenticeship and earning your qualification. Training at Mishcon de Reya has given me many opportunities to take on real responsibility in the areas I have worked on. People are really interested in training interns and encourage you to pursue certain areas that pique your interest. In addition to my education, I joined the band and played at many internal and external events. I feel incredibly fortunate to be trained in a company with a culture that has allowed me to grow professionally and embrace my creative side. It is not about the shape of things to come. These are the shapers. Learn more about what makes a shaper and hear from some of the people shaping our business right now. There will also be a case study. This is an individual assessment where candidates must read a script and present their thoughts and recommendations to an evaluator. We want to see how candidates are able to assimilate information and demonstrate their business awareness.

You must have at least 5 GCSEs, including Mathematics or English in grade C/4 or above and you must achieve 3 A levels in grade C or above or equivalent. Salaries vary depending on the apprenticeship you are applying for – please refer to the job description for more information. Return to the Commercial Learning page. Watch our webinar to get an overview of our exciting new training opportunities and hear from our current apprentices. During my time at Mishcon de Reya, the company culture proved to be the perfect environment for me to grow professionally and personally. Each member of Mishcon de Reya strives to support and encourage each other to reach their potential. This mutual support has made me feel safe and comfortable in all the situations I have faced. I am proud to be part of the team. Before I started my apprenticeship, I had never worked in an office.

Of course, while I was excited, I was also nervous about starting in my first place. However, Reya`s Mishcon team was very welcoming, taking the time to explain the basic concepts and encouraging me to ask questions. I have benefited from a high level of contact with clients, many of whom are entrepreneurs with unique stories. We want you to grow our business by building and designing your own. The size of our reception means that you have responsibility for the customer and the opportunity to stand on your own two feet right from the start. As an important member of the team, your opinion counts. So far, working at Mishcon has been an incredible experience. My team has set me up so well and I know I`m never alone. I have been given so many opportunities to work on a wide range of work.

I can`t wait to see what the future holds. During the virtual office, candidates must complete a series of tasks within a certain amount of time. The tasks are similar to those often performed by trainee lawyers. Learn more about us and our core values, our history and the latest news and events in Mishcon de Reya. We are committed to having a significant positive impact on society and the environment and acting as a socially responsible company, so set clear goals for us, measure our efforts and support our employees with opportunities to make a difference in their work and personal lives. Mishcon is not just about the work we do. Since its inception, we have shaped our business around culture, atmosphere and character. That`s why there are always plenty of activities to get involved in, from fundraising for charity by baking cakes or participating in Tough Mudder, to free yoga classes or jams with Midtown Funk, the Mishcon group. Yes, we have said that. We promise you fun.

Because there is no “Mishcon de Reya Person”. We are a diverse and dynamic group that loves coming to work and is proud to be part of the Miscon team.