Mentions Legales Site Internet Belgique

The information is therefore mandatory on a website. So there are a lot of differences in content and form in the content of legal documents that must be present on a Belgian site and a French site, so be careful when finding resources online! It is imperative that a company or service provider provides on its website certain information about its activity, identity and the types of goods or services marketed. Must therefore appear on the website: the drafting of legal notices is not subject to formalism. Website owners, who can present this information at will, have the option of writing it themselves or entrusting it to a professional (lawyer or web agency). This may seem obvious, but in Europe this is not always the case: remember that the legislation that applies in case of dispute is Belgian law. This is to avoid confusion with French or Dutch customers (if the website is also offered in Dutch): they might actually believe that they are on a French or Dutch website. This allows us to optimize your navigation on our site during your next visits (automatic recognition of the language of the user interface, shortened procedures in case of order, etc.). Regardless of the fingerprint generator selected, the quality of the model must be checked. It will be necessary to check: the notification of a website to the CNIL applies in particular to merchant sites. To carry out the procedure, the publisher of the site had to go directly to the CNIL website and fill out the appropriate form before submitting it to the CNIL authorities for validation. The use of cookies allows us to better understand the activities of our users.

This information is important because it allows us to continue to provide the services that best meet your needs and desires. Information that reflects the behavior of visitors to our website is compiled in aggregate form and does not constitute easily identifiable individual information. The intra-Community VAT identification number must also appear on the website if the company is subject to VAT. Companies of type SA, SPRL, SCRL, SNC, SCS or SCRI are subject to VAT; Small businesses with a turnover not exceeding EUR 25,000 (per year, excluding VAT) can benefit from a VAT exemption scheme. Very easy and very fast. It`s so simple you can almost believe it. Would you consider re-reading the terms and conditions on my website to see if everything is okay? Thank you very much! Natalie Therefore, it is essential that the legal notice of a website contains the guidelines of the GDPR. I am regularly asked what information is mandatory on a company`s communication media (stationery, vehicles, etc.). Here is a brief summary. Mileage layout©. No possibility to© modify the BE Personal Data©Charter on the site, it is not sold as such since you mention that we can modify our online documents for life. This is a bad point, I almost put 3 because of one, but in the end, as there is all the same content, I left© at 4.

Otherwise, the interface is clear, except that sometimes we host the website, if you have to put the name of the company with its company name or not, it happened to me with the data charter©and as it is no longer on©the table, I had to©©©©© change© it into a word. So I have different©visions©between the site and my Word and HTML files. Not cool. It should be noted that the legal or natural person who processes a website is responsible for its content and that the legal notice of the website contains precise information about the latter. This page provides an inventory of everything you need to know about legal notices and provides a sample of legal announcements for a website that allows it to be written in accordance with the law and according to the type of website to be edited. The Terms of Use, as the name suggests, govern the use of a website. It is necessary to describe in detail the operation of the website in question and the rules to be observed in connection with its use. This can be especially useful for member areas, forums. In order to comply with its legal obligations, the publisher of the site may itself write this information on the basis of an example of legal notices for a website or use an automatic generator.

They can also use online generators that write their legal notices for free. However, it should be noted that these online generators are not suitable for some websites, especially ecommerce sites. In such a case, it is advisable to entrust the preparation of the legal notices to a specialist. In addition, if you wish to process personal data, you must inform the Commission for the Protection of Privacy contrary to what is indicated in the article. More information can be found on the official website There will then be two main scenarios. The professional website can be a property: Here are some automatic generators of legal notices that you should seriously consider: Designed by the digital communication agency G7Design. This fingerprint generator shows a very neat design. It offers a form that is both clear and pleasant to complete.

We only regret that after the creation of the legal notice, a credit link is displayed on the website that refers directly to the G7Design website. For publishers of strictly personal sites, such as blogs or forums, the regulations differ considerably because the legal notices appearing on the site are no longer necessary once all the information has been submitted to the site host. If the GDPR now regulates the collection of personal data online, especially for websites that offer Internet users the creation of an account, the filling out of forms or online ordering, the CNIL is responsible for verifying that each website complies with the rules of this new regulation. In addition to this data, others also indicate a mandatory nature, as is the case with the GTC (General Conditions of Sale) for merchant sites.