Bad Salad Legally Blonde

It`s bad enough that She`s thrown away instead of a diamond ring, but the way Warner does it is particularly terrible. He says he needs someone “seriously” and is looking for a “Jackie” — as in former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis — and not a “Marilyn” — as in the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. (To make Warner`s comments worse, Monroe was known for her brain, despite her shady appearance.) When she has a complete breakdown in front of the entire restaurant, with hysterical sobs, Warner just seems upset and blames her tears for a “bad salad.” You break up with me because I am too. Blond? Her: Look at Paulette, all they see are big breasts and blonde hair. No one will ever take me seriously. She cries in the restaurant sounds like a pig sniffing, everyone looks at the couple. 2) announcement – bad salad 1.- Now you are fighting against the brunette? 2.- Why not? I am discriminated against as a blonde! 1-So you break up with me because I`m also, Blonde?! 2-No, no, it`s not quite right. 1-What, my breasts are too big?! 2-No, your breasts are fine. (whispers) 1-So hen you said you would always love me, you just drummed around?! 2-I love you, but I just can`t marry you. They have no idea how much pressure I`m under. My family has five generations of senators. My brothers in the top 3 of Yale`s law, and he just got engaged to a Vanderbelt for Christ`s sake. 1-(crying) 2-bad salad…

Sweet, bear bear 1-uh! 2-It`s not like I have a choice here, honey. Ok, you just got the car, I get the check. 3-I won`t have a salad. There`s nothing I love more than a stupid blonde with dad`s plastic. Brooke: You know, a Delta-Nu would never sleep with a man wearing a thong. She: Never! Brooke: (innocent) I just like to watch him clean the filter. I feel comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life. I disagree! I just realized that the maintenance staff is in the process of moving our Charmin Toliet paper to the credits. Anyone who is against friction, please say yes. #1- HELLO! My name is David Kidney. I have a master`s degree in Russian literature, a phD in biochemistry AND in the last eighteen months I have dewormed orphans in Somalia.

#2 .cool. #3 hey how ya doin im enid wexler! I graduated from Berkelely with a master`s degree in women`s studies with a focus on com-BAT history! and last year, I organized the Lesbian March Against Drunk Driving on my own. #2..killer. #4 Aaron Mitchell. Graduated first in my class from Princeton and has an IQ of 187th and it has been said that Stephen Hawkins stole his short history of time. From my work in 4th year. #5 ME? Hello, my name is Elle Woods and this is Bruiser Woods. We are both vegetarian twins. I have a bachelor`s degree in fashion and merchandising from CULA, I was a treasure of Zeta Lam Desu, president of my sorority, Delta Nu, and last year.

I was the queen who went home. Oh and two weeks ago, I saw Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal`s and persuaded her to buy this really haunted angora sweater. The one who said orange was the new pink. was seriously disturbed! You always have to trust people. And above all, you always have to have confidence in yourself, colleague: I couldn`t even organize a birthday party for her: NO! She: Oh thank you for inviting me, girl, this party is SUPER SPAẞ! Vivian: Nice costume (laughs)She: Oh thank you, I like yours, except when I dress up in cold, I try not to look so composed! Vivian: wandering she is terrible Vivian`s girlfriend: You have the treasure of the ring! (sighs) She had 8 sands of grilled cheese, just stuffed into her mouth. You got an A because you gave the teacher a lap dance. Yes, fortunately. Book. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don`t kill their husbands. They just don`t.

She spares no expense for her video admission trial, in which she puts on a glittering bikini and shows off her use of “legal jargon in everyday life.” She takes it so seriously that she asks someone from one of Hollywood`s most famous families to run the short showcase. When she tearfully explains her efforts for nail technology and her new girlfriend Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge), she says she has “hired a Coppola” to lead her admission trial. As a teenager, this detail probably sailed over your head. As an adult, however, he strikes like a freight train: the Coppolas are basically the first family in Hollywood. Only an adult can understand how incredibly positive She`s worldview is and how rare it is. Thanks to her belief that there is good in everything, she manages to befriend Vivian (who eventually drops Warner), gain the trust of her client Brooke Taylor-Windham (Ali Larter) by keeping her alibi a secret, and become an incredible lawyer after graduating from the top of her class. Elle`s success is due in large part to her intelligence and hard work, but it is also because of her good spirit and instinct. She: What, just because I`m not a Vanderbelt, am I suddenly a white trash can? I grew up in Bel Air, Warner. In front of Aaron Spelling! I think most people would agree that it`s much better than a sticky old Vanderbelt.

1) You know, you`re really an ass. 2) What? I don`t think anyone has called me a butt since the ninth grade. 1) (quietly) Well, maybe not in your face. In one of the film`s most triumphant moments, she confronts Dewey herself and throws quick legal terms at the confused man until Paulette finally finds the courage to defend herself and bring Rufus back. However, if you`re very careful — or if you`re familiar with legal jargon — you may find that the terms She throws out, which include “habeas corpus” and “factual jurisdiction,” have absolutely nothing to do with Paulette`s situation. She and Paulette win the day, so the gambit works. But if Dewey had been even a little smarter, the whole premise would have failed. I think the witness made it clear that she was in the shower, he is devoured! She misquoted the 6-carrot dimond on her unpolished bony finger. It is devoured! She has the 6 Henry Winston carrots on her unpolished bony finger that I forgot to tell you! I have BANGS! My hair is like that now.

Do you think it`s okay that Miss Woods isn`t prepared? **No…… I don`t**. Would you support my decision to ask her to leave the class and not come back until she is ready?**absolute** You look like July 4th. Mmm. makes me want a really bad hot dog!!!. 1: He said I had a very high metabolism of metrabol-metrab 2: metabolism. 1: Oh my God, what are you doing? 3: I`m learning for LSAT 2: My cousin had this, apparently you have a very bad rash on your -. Oh how cute! It`s like a judge and everything! LOOK, THE PEOPLE ON THE JURY!!!!!!!! VOTE FOR HER! She: Why didn`t you call me? We have a good night together and then I will never hear from you again!? David: Uh, I`m sorry?? She: Sorry for what? Do you break my heart? Or for giving me the greatest joy I`ve ever known? David: Uh, both? She: Forget it, I`ve already spent too many hours crying over you! Her: That`s great, Paulette. Is this the only interaction you`ve ever had together? Paulette: No! Sometimes I say “okay” instead of “good.” 1.