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Atilla Z. Baksay is a Colorado-based lawyer who practices corporate and transaction law and securities regulation. Atilla represents clients in the negotiation and design of transactional documents (e.g. executive service, purchase and sale, licensing, IP and SaaS) and corporate documents (e.g. restricted share transfers, stock option plans, convertible bonds / SAFE / SAFT agreements, articles of association / operating contracts, credit agreements, personal guarantees and security contracts), internal (e.g. employment policy, Separation agreements, Employment/independent contractor/consultant contracts, NDA, brokerage relationship guidelines and office policy notes) and digital policies (e.g. terms of use, privacy policies, CCPA notices, and GDPR notices). Atilla also reviews and prepares legal opinions on the security status of digital currencies and assets. After studying law, Atilla practiced international trade law at the Executive Office of the President, Office of the United States Trade Representative, where her practice included $500 billion worth of economic sanctions against goods originating in the People`s Republic of China. After that, Atilla joined a Colorado law firm that practiced civil litigation, where the majority of her practice consisted of construction default lawsuits. Today, Atilla`s practice covers all business matters for clients in Colorado and the District of Columbia. Consulting fees are common in family law or estate planning.

During these consultations, a lawyer will provide specific legal advice and advice on the case. When a lawyer provides legal advice, they have created an attorney-client relationship and should charge for their services. G`day, my name is Michele! I work with startups, entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized businesses across the country in a variety of industries. I help them with all their daily and ongoing legal needs. These include business creation, mergers and acquisitions, drafting and auditing of contracts, employment, sale and acquisition of assets as well as sales or resignations of shareholders. I`m half Australian, half Italian and I lived in America for the last 20 years of my life. I`ve lived all over the United States, graduated from high school in the Deep South, Washington University in St. Louis, and then graduated from georgetown University Law Center. After law school, I worked for the Los Angeles office of Latham & Watkins, LLP.

After four intense and rewarding years there, I left the company to become general counsel and vice president of an incredible industry-changing startup called Urban Mining Company (UMC), which makes permanent magnets for rare earths. I now work for Phocus Law, where I lead our practice, which focuses on entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs. I love what I do and would love to help! My goal is to provide stress-free, enjoyable and high-quality legal advice to all my clients. Being a good lawyer is not enough: the client experience must also be excellent. But work isn`t everything, and I love my free time. I have been an avid traveler since my parents put me on a plane to Italy at the age of 9 months. I`m also a music lover and I`m always looking for the perfect client to get me to explain why Dark Side Of The Moon is the greatest album of all time. Having grown up in a remote and beautiful corner of Australia, I feel a strong connection with nature and I like to be in the elements. The darkest areas on the map show where legal counsel earn the highest salaries in all 50 states.

Founder and owner of Grant Phillips Law. Practice and license in New York, NJ & Fl with a focus on small businesses across the country stuck in predatory commercial loans. The company specializes in representing business owners with merchant cash advances or factoring agreements that they can no longer afford. The company`s customers include restaurants, truckers, contractors, for-profit schools, doctors, and family-owned supermarkets, to name a few. GRANT PHILLIPS LAW, PLLC. is up-to-date when it comes to providing affordable and expert legal representation on behalf of traders stuck with predatory loans or other financial instruments that weigh on the company`s income. Grant Phillips Law will defend small businesses with cash advances to merchants they can no longer afford. Whether you have been sued, a UCC lien has been filed against your claims, or your bank account is being lifted or frozen, we will support you. For more information, see www.grantphillipslaw.com When a lawyer offers free consultations, it is usually because the meeting focuses more on whether the client wants to hire the lawyer and whether the lawyer intends to take over the case. As a rule, the lawyer will not provide legal advice on the legal issue during a free consultation, so no lawyer-client relationship arises. There are many important differences between these two careers, as shown by the resumes of each profession.

Some of these differences include the skills required to carry out responsibilities within each role. For example, legal counsel is likely to have experience in the areas of “legal advice”, “legal service”, “regulators” and “legal documents”, while a typical board member is trained in “public policy”, “finance committee”, “community outreach” and “alumni”. Experienced contract and business lawyer with years of experience in advising entrepreneurs and small businesses. Currently works as General Counsel for several companies with annual sales in the millions. My specialty is the creative resolution of legal problems with solutions tailored to your business. Main participant in the creation of a legal department of 10 people, including the implementation of the contractual process and standardized forms. A lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in understanding and interpreting laws and other legal issues. His responsibilities focus on providing legal advice, representing clients in various types of legal proceedings, conducting research, gathering evidence and coordinating with various experts. A lawyer must also manage and monitor the performance of assistants, paralegals and other team members. In addition, there are cases where a lawyer needs to draft or manage documents such as contracts, trusts, deeds and wills to assist clients as needed.

As with most jobs, it takes work to become a legal advisor. Sometimes people change their minds about their careers after working in this profession. That`s why we`ve looked at other professions that could help you find your next chance. These professions include a lawyer, a lawyer, a board member and a lawyer. Whether you`re volunteering full-time, being a part-time extra, or waiting for another job, knowing how to negotiate a good consulting fee can mean the difference between working for a paltry self-employment or sustained self-employment. Orly Stern gives some important advice on fee negotiation, as an international legal advisor with over 10 years of experience. According to the curricula vitae of legal advisors and lawyers, some of the skills required to carry out the responsibilities of each role are similar. These skills include “legal advice”, “legal documents” and “advice”. Several factors affect how much a lawyer charges for future legal advice and services when hired.

Three essential factors are the type of work or type of law practiced, the level of experience of the lawyer and the scope of the work or what needs to be discussed during the consultation. How much does it cost to consult a lawyer? Before hiring a lawyer, a potential client will want to meet with the lawyer to discuss the case and options for the future. Consultations help a client decide whether to hire a lawyer to handle their legal case. Pico & Kooker provides practical legal advice in structuring, drafting, negotiating, interpreting, managing and applying complex, high-value business transactions. Jonathan is adept at navigating complex environments and has extensive experience advising clients on a variety of long- and medium-term cross-border and financial commitments, including participation in public tenders, PPPs, export sales agreements and the formulation of policies and regulations. Jonathan and his co-founder Eva Pico have represented and negotiated lenders, global companies and other market players in a number of industries, including financial services, infrastructure and transportation. As an external consultant, Pico & Kooker has established a strong relationship and working relationship with its clients and works appropriately with its internal teams to improve consistency, processes and procedures. The firm takes a unique approach as a practical, business-oriented external legal advisor who believes in proactively partnering with clients to achieve desired results while managing and engaging key stakeholders. They listen to their customers to develop tailor-made solutions that best meet their needs while aligning with their goals, visions and values.

Some representative transactions include advising the World Bank on project financing and portfolio options to address the costs and risks associated with the integration of renewable energy sources. Jonathan has also advised her as legal counsel and has developed policies, regulations and models for emerging market governments entering into public-private partnerships. In addition to his work at the World Bank, Jonathan has worked with some of the world`s largest consulting firms, financial institutions and government organizations, including the United Nations, the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, and some African countries. Throughout his career, he has worked with large multinational companies, both through internal advice and as an external advisor on large cross-border transactions.