Are Hedgehogs Legal in Tennessee

The terms “etc.” and “all types” are collective terms that cover the application of the law to anything not expressly stated in the Code. Let us hope that one day there will be an exception that says all species except Atelerix albiventris; or any other species normally domesticated. Until then, if you want to own a hedgehog in Georgia, ask for the permit and pray that they grant it. Curiously, they allow licensed breeders to have hedgehogs as long as they are not sold in the state – but no pets! Several websites on the Internet did not know if hedgehogs were allowed as pets in New Jersey without permission. You read it here with evidence: New Jersey residents must have a $10 annual permit to own a hedgehog as a pet. Since hedgehogs are not explicitly listed as a liberated exotic mammal, you must obtain an individual hobby permit in accordance with section 7:25-4.2 of the New Jersey Administrative Code and 7:25-4.6(a) However, African dwarves are legal to keep as pets. The rules on hedgehogs in the United States are strict and it is possible to lose your hedgehog if you do not meet the requirements of the state. However, most states allow them. Here is the list of states that allow hedgehogs as pets: The dwarf caiman is an animal that is legal to own in Tennessee.

Alligators are not. While many exotic animals require a permit to be kept in Missouri, hedgehogs are not restricted in the state. They classified several animals as a security threat. While this may be true for some animals that have been banned, it hardly applies to African dwarves. Oh! And beware of these gerbils. These are also a threat! Please read the following direct quote: Hedgehogs do not require a permit and can be kept as pets in the state of Oklahoma. Wisconsin is one of those friendly states that allow hedgehogs as pets and even consider them pets and pets, BUT. Yes, there is a disclaimer.

If you`re taking a hedgehog or other pets from another state on vacation or moving around there, you`ll have to jump through a few hoops. You must obtain an animal movement import permit, which includes certain requirements that you must meet before they are issued. I`ll go into more detail below, but to give you a brief overview of the U.S. states where it`s legal or illegal to keep a hedgehog as a pet, I`ll summarize. If you live in one of the places that have recently legalized the possession of hedgehogs, we would like to give you something to consider. We know that you must be really excited to legally have a hedgehog as a pet. Before you hurry to get a hedgehog to give him his home forever, please first look for a qualified hedgehog veterinarian. You see, since hedgehogs are new to the area, there may not yet be an exotic veterinarian to treat your Ouch mouse. Let us always remember that with the privilege of having hedgehogs comes the responsibility to love and care for their needs. We all want them to be well cared for, don`t we? Remember that it is not legal to take an animal out of the wild and keep it as a pet. According to several sources, the Arizona Fish and Game announced in December 2015 that hedgehogs would no longer be banned as pets in the state. (P) Cervids excluding white-tailed deer and wild elk.

Moose originating from a legal source while kept in captivity for breeding purposes are considered Class III wild animals. All other moose must be wild moose and be considered Class II wild animals. No person may possess moose in captivity in the Eastern Grand Division of the State within the meaning of Article 4-1-202 without having documents indicating the origin of the moose kept. This evidence will be presented to officials of the Department of Agriculture or the Wildlife Agency upon request. Sales documents for the descendants of purchased moose are not required; and the most common type of hedgehogs bought as “pets” are hybrids, commonly known as African dwarves. But these animals are only a few generations away from their naturally living cousins. Calling them “domesticated” really expands the truth. And many hedgehogs die or are abandoned by the people who bought them when the novelty fades.

Many hedgehogs have a habit of self-anointing: they distort and smear their own frothy saliva all over their body. Some people may find this repugnant, but it`s just another sign that we have nothing to do with treating these sensitive people. Each hedgehog has a unique personality, but most are not interested in human affection. Guardians note that it takes a lot of time and effort for a hedgehog to tolerate the outfit. Like porcupines, hedgehogs have sharp, spiny quills that they use to ward off predators. When they feel anxious or threatened, these thorns stand in all directions, making it difficult to handle animals. It`s legal to own hedgehogs in Florida, but you`ll need a permit to display or sell a hedgehog. Although some states prohibit keeping hedgehogs as pets, I highly recommend adopting your new pet hedgehog from a USDA-licensed breeder. If the breeder is licensed by the USDA, you can be sure that he will comply with local rules and regulations, even when it comes to animal welfare. While many exotic animals are forbidden to own as pets in Alabama, hedgehogs are completely legal. You can legally own an African dwarf hedgehog in the state of New Hampshire.

Class I: This class includes all species that are inherently dangerous to humans. All Class I animals are illegal when it comes to personal property. While the European hedgehog species is illegal in Oregon, legally keep a four-toed dwarf hedgehog (African dwarf hedgehog) as a pet in the state without a license. The bottom line is that hedgehogs are illegal in the state of Georgia unless you get a permit, as mentioned in o.C.G.A. Section 27-5-4. It went through the rumor mill that you may own a hedgehog in Georgia due to a “formality” as they are not explicitly listed in article 27-5-5 (b) (1) (B). If you`re asking which states allow hedgehogs as pets, you won`t find Hawaii on the list either. The way Hawaii makes it illegal to possess hedgehogs is through a law of omission. Explanations. They have a law that includes lists of animals that fall into one of four categories: Various petitions have already been filed for the legalization of hedgehogs in the greater New York area, but so far without success. Animal lovers, beware: Some pets that are common in America may be illegal in your state or city. Currently, hedgehogs and gliders are not listed as exempt exotic animals by law in Pennsylvania and therefore may be banned by the Game Commission under its legal oversight.

The reason for such rejection by the commission is that they are not native to Pennsylvania and could compete for food or cover if released or escaped into the wild. Either way, almost every other state in the nation allows these tiny, harmless creatures to be kept as pets like a gerbil, hamster, etc. I believe it is time to put an end to this unnecessary ban. Other. Pennsylvania is certainly not a state that allows hedgehogs as pets! In fact, we quickly found ourselves in a confused mess in terms of regularity. In recent years, hedgehogs could be kept as pets as long as it could be proven that they were bred and born in the state by breeders legally authorized to do so. No imported rows. From hooves to beaks, from tail to claws, what is legal to own in Tennessee and what is not? You can legally keep hedgehogs as pets in Colorado. AUGUSTA – After the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife learned that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife had added hedgehogs to the list of animals without restriction, the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee voted not to pass Senator Eric Brakey`s (R-Androscoggin) law, GL 35. Their kindness can catapult them to internet fame, but hedgehogs are banned in several U.S. states, including Georgia, California, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania.

Spiny mammals are also illegally kept as pets in Washington, D.C., and in the five boroughs of New York City. While many U.S. states don`t have specific regulations for keeping hedgehogs as pets, some go into more detail in their exotic animal laws and define what type of hedgehog is legal to own in the state. While Ohio recently banned some exotic species that previously legally belonged to the state, hedgehogs are not among them. In New York, the special local legislation that regulates the illegality of hedgehogs is Section 161.01(b)(23) of the New York City Public Health Code, Title IV Part B.